Plumber Training Courses – Answers to Some Questions

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If you are you considering taking up any of the plumber training courses, first assess whether you measure up to the job.

A career in plumbing is very demanding. It calls for dedication and lifelong learning. This is because the present pace of technological advancement has made a plumber’s job very challenging. You need an understanding of math and science plus the ability to work in cramped conditions and the stamina required to complete tough tasks within a tight schedule.

If you think you measure up then plumbing can be an exciting career.

The plumbing industry offers many career paths, good wages for the competent and plenty of opportunities for those wanting to start their own business.

For those wanting to choose from the many plumber training courses, here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

What kinds of courses are available for me to qualify as a plumber?

Apprenticeship training

This plumbing course is a five year program where apprentices learn through both class room and on-job training. Each one year segment of the course contain approximately 2000 hours of on the job training and roughly 250 hours of classroom instruction. Apprentices receive a strong basic education related to the trade involving core courses in mechanical drafting, mathematics and science.

Journeyman training

After completion of the five year program one becomes a full-fledged journeyman. At this stage your skill up gradation need not be over. You have plenty of opportunity to update and expand your skills.

Certification Programs

Certification is the byword for quality in the piping industry today. There are many plumbing courses and programs that help a journeyman upgrade through specialized certifications. Some examples of certification programs available are medical gas installation, refrigerant handling, industrial rigging, valve repair, welding, geo thermal, green awareness and instrumentation.

Are there any intensive plumbing courses I can do within a couple of months?

Though some institutes offer short term courses, we do not recommend them. Get to become a plumber is only through learning from a recognized institute coupled with a sound practical experience.

Do I have to pass a test before getting into a plumber training course?

Yes you have to, in most cases. You need a certain basic ability in math and problem solving. A plumbing school does not want a dropout and they would like to ensure that you succeed.

What are the job prospects for qualified plumbers?

Good plumbers are always in demand. You can even diversify into teaching, consulting and working in the manufacture of plumbing products.

Is there any scope for female plumbers?

Definitely yes! For domestic plumbing work, the elderly people and lone mothers prefer female plumbers. Today’s light weight materials make it easier for females to carry out a whole range of plumbing jobs.

I am middle aged and I want to change my career and get into plumbing. Is there a plumber training course for me?

Before you think of changing over consider certain basic issues. It may be difficult for you to get funding if you already have financial commitments such as mortgages. In such a case you will not be able to do a full time course without the help of your employer.

Are there any established certifications in plumbing design?

Yes. The American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) conducts programs for Certified Plumbing Design (CPD).This is an international certification program for engineers and designers of plumbing system. To be eligible you need a minimum of four years of practical experience in the design of plumbing systems. For more details you may visit the web site of The American Society of Plumbing Engineers.

If you have the aptitude to be a plumber, go ahead. There is always a need for good plumbers in the domestic and industrial arena. A recognized plumber training course is the pathway to success.