Repairing Your Roof – Hire Scaffolding

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Many handymen do their own house repairs, thus saving a great deal of money. But when you have to be up off the ground at any height, there is more danger involved. The trouble is that most handymen have ladders, but not scaffolding, so they try to do the job using their ladder. However, there is a time to hire scaffolding for safety.

Using a ladder may work out fine if the work is light and does not require any longer than about thirty minutes on the ladder at one time. However, work safety regulations nearly always state that there should be at least three points of contact to the ladder for safety – that is, two feet and one hand. Now if your roof repair job requires you to use both hands, there will only be two points of contact with the ladder – your feet.

And ideally, you should be able to climb that ladder using both hands for support, but if you need to carry tools or roofing material, that will not be possible.

Another point to consider when repairing your roof is the reach of the repair job. Can you do it from the ladder, or will you need to actually get up on the roof? Tile repair may require you to actually stand on the roof, if those tiles are not near the edges. If gutter repair is included then there will be a long length that needs to be reached. And standing on your ladder will not allow you to reach it.

Will you have to be getting up and down the ladder and constantly repositioning it to repair your roof? If so, it would be better and safer to hire scaffolding to do the job. Remember that falling from a roof can severely injure or even kill you. What is the cost of scaffolding compared to spending the rest of your days in a wheelchair?

With the correct scaffolding in place, the roof repair will be done in half the time with much less energy outlaid. Scaffolding will enable you to walk the whole length of the house with ease and safety to complete the repair job.